Clearance Sale - NOTE: take an extra 50% off all picture frames.

Custom Background by Darton Drake

Backdrop Darton Drake

Custom hand-painted canvas background "Classic Brown" by Darton Drake, 7' x 8', on roller plus 5 grommets. This is one of our most popular backgrounds.            Clearance $95.

BackdropCity Scape

Backdrop City Scape

Custom hand-painted canvas background, "City Scape", 70" x 101" on roller, by Jeff Nelson.    Clearance $10

Background 6-Roll


Backdrop Blue Flair

Backdrop Blue Volcano

Custom hand-painted canvas background, "B;ue Flair", aprox. 70" x 101" on roller, by Jeff Nelson. Clearance $12.

Backdrop Black & Gold Contemporary

Backdrop Black & Gold

"Contemporary Black & Gold", custom hand-painted canvas, 71" x 103'", on roller. Cost  $160.                                 Clearance $30.

Antique Double Washstand



Photogenic Rail System  Photogenic Rail System

Photogenic Rail System w/lights

Photogenic Overhead rail lighting system. Includes: rails, lights, 2-Lifts 6-Photogenic flash heads, 13-reflectors/soft-boxes, IR controllers, 1-light stand, spare parts. Cost $8600.  Clearance $1200.

 Background 4-Roll4-Roll, x 12' Heavy Duty Backdrop System

Ideal for Heavy Canvas backdrops. replacement $2070, Clearance $495.

Backdrop Storybook

Backdrop Storybook

Custom hand-painted canvas "Storybook", 94" x 171". We paid $460, Clearance $50 (props not included).

EV24-011 Frame



 Backdrop Southwest Stucco

Backdrop Southwest Stucco

Muslin Backdrop, 11' x 24' from Backdrop Outlet $160, Clerance $35.

 Backdrop Venice

Backdrop Venice

Custom hand-painted canvas "Venice" by Photo showcase, 12' wide x 20' long. Includes more than is pictured. Was $2400,                           Clearance $250.

Backdrop Black Base Spiral-O

Backdrop Spiral

Backdrop Muslin 10' x 20' Black Base Spiral-O was $349.                  Clearance $45.

Backdrop Seaside

Backdrop Seaside

Custom hand-painted canvas "Seaside" by Photo showcase, 12' x 20', was $2400. Clearance 375.

 Backdrop Jump Street Midtown

Backdrop Jump Street Midtown

Includes: Door, Brick Wall, 12 1/2' base, square 1/2-pilar, plant, fence  and street light w/reostat. Manufatctured by Scenic Designs. Cost $1850.                                 Clearance $450.

 Backdrop Plantation

Backdrop Plantation

Includes: Arch, 3-pillars, 1-half pillar, wall, finial, 4x8 brick panel, 2-8x10' rubberized stone wall and fence.  Manufatctured by Scenic Designs. We paid $5200,                           Clearance $475.

Backdrop Winter Evening

Backdrop Winter Evening

Custom hand-painted canvas "Winter Evening" by Photo showcase, 12' x 20', was $2400,                           Clearance $250.

Background Holder

Background Holder

Background holder accomodates 7 -6' backdrops and 3-8' backdrops. Clearance $25.

Art, Fanfare of the Pipes

Original Artwork

"Fanfare of the Pipes"

This is an original 20" x 24" digital artpiece created for a professioal photographic competition, by Suzanne Walcott. She disected a photo by her husband JOhn Walcott and created this collage. Retail $215             Clearance $35.

Julieanne Kost DVD's

Julianne Kost Photoshop Ed DVD's

Full set "Photoshop Quick Start", 100 Hot Phoshop CS; Master New Features in Adobe Photoshop CS, plus Photoshop with Julienne Kost & Dave Montizambe. All these training DVD's.  Clearance $10.

Backdrop Green-Mauve

Backdrop Green-Mauve

Custom hand-painted canvas background, "Green & Mauve", approx.    70" x 101" on roller, by Ron Wimmer, Clearance $15.

Glass Cutter







Glass Cutter

Fletcher 48" Cutter: For glass, acrylic, mat board, cardboard and  foamboard. Replacement price $2306, w/blades, works great. Clearance $495.




#119/284 Frame






Frame EV3785




LM535 Frame



Umbrella 57



ND7902 Frame



File Cabinets

File Caninets

2-Drawer file cabinets. Now $35 each


Scanner V750

Scanner Epson V750-m

Epson V750-m Pro Scanner with film holders. This is a great scanner able to scann 35mm to 8x10 negatives, transparencies and prints up to 8 3/4" x 12", up to 6400 dpi. Also batch scans. Replacements are $1400, Clearance $349, perfect working condition.

Slide Duplicator

Slide Duplicator

ProMaster Slide Duplicator for Camcorders and Digital Cameras, adapter ring, stabalization jig. Cost  $250 + adapter ring & jig,    Clearance  $65 for all.

Wallet Boxes

360-Wallet Boxes 1/2"

1/2" Wallet Boxes. Manufactured by Gary Plastic Pakcaging Corp. Cost  $153,                                     Clerance $20.

Mile Totushek Prop

Signed Mile Totushek Prop

Signed prop from Mile Totushek, one of a kind.                             Clearance $25.

Baby Blanket


Baby blanket Light Tan


Frame EV318-1202



Tapestry 33" x 24"

"Public Enemies" movie scene, Columbus, WI. Washable, color fast, with hardare. was $160,      Clearanace $29.




Assorted pre-cut mats.         Clearance $30.

Baby Blanket Green


Suzette Allen Bundle

Suzette Allen Bundle

Bundle of Suzette Allen rescources: Templates, Tools, Actions, Samples and Quick Answer Photoshop Box. Clearance $10.

Art Print Sleeves

2-Art Print Sleeves

8-Art Savers 26 1/2" x 36", hold 2.

2-Art Savers 17" x 21", holds 2.

Clearance $5


Walnut Settee

Child's Fainting Couch

Walnut settee or fainting couch from Pierce Co. Children and pets love these. Cost $246,                 Clearance $50.

Settee Wicker

Wicker Rattan Settee

White wicker settee or fainting couch  from Wicker By Design. Children and  pets love these. (pillows included) Cost 250.95,          Clearance $50.

Youth Chair

Youth Chair - Antique

Solid oak, antique youth chair. Clearance $19.

E Myth Revisited

Audio Book E-Myth Revisited

Audio Book: The E Myth Revisited. by Michael E Gerber. This is a must hear for anyone in business or wanting to go into buskness.                  Clearance $5.




Bar Stool

Bar Stool

29" Bar-Stool. Clearance $15.

Children's Costumes

Children's Costumes

Mermaid Set, Lady Bug, Butterfly, Bumblebee, Angel set, Turtle.  Clearance $65.

Carpet 2x3

2' x  3' Rug

NEW Carpet Modern Graphic.   Clearance $2.

ND7209 Frame

Frame Black 20" x 24"

New Black FRame 1-3/4" x 20" x 24" Retail $202.77.                     Clearance $37.99.

Car Rearview Camera

Car  Rearview Camera

NEW Car License Plate Rearview Camera. Includes: Product manual, wires, in original box. Cost $70, Clearance $20.

Preserving VHS

Preserving Your Precious Memories

Sports Bench & Lockers, on a wood frame, for easy hanging, VHS, NEW.      Clearance $2.


Sports Lockers & Bench

Sports Bench & Lockers, on a wood frame, for esay hanging.                Clearance $50.

Lens Canon Fisheye

Canon Fisheye Lens

NEW Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Lens, shade, box and CD, New, mint condition.  Cost $1329,  Clearance $875. Lens, GPS & Brakcet $1,000.

Canon GPS

Canon GPS Receiver

Canon GP-E2 GPS Receiver, box, cords, batter. Works great. Excellent working condition. Cost $239.95,       Clearance $115Lens, GPS & Brakcet $1,000.

Nodal Ninja

Nodel Ninja for Canon

Fanotec GTP R10 Package for Canon EF 8-15mm for panoramas and virtual photography., 360 mount, adapter ring, case and instructions New. Cost $270, Clearance $115. Lens, GPS & Brakcet $1,000.

Book Audio 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families Stephen Covey


"7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" by  Stephen Covey. New, used only once, Audiobook. Clearance $1.50.

3R's of Photo Promotion

The 3Rs of Photographic Promotion

"The 3-R's of Photographic Promotion"  by George Rosa, book. Clearance $1.50.

Appreciation Marketing

Appreciation Marketing

"Appreciation Marketing" Wyatt & Lewsey, book. Clearance $1.50.

Creative Matting

Art of Creative Matting

"The Art of Creative Matting" Hunt & McClure, book. Clearance $1.50.

Mermaid Set

See I Told You So

"See I Told You So" by Rush Limbaugh, Audiobook. Clearance $1.50.

Selling The Invisible

Selling The Invisible

"Selling The Invisible" A field guide to modern marketing by Harry Beckwith,  Audiobook. Clearance $1.50.

Psychology of Winning

The Psychology of Winning

"The Psychology of Winning" by Dr. Denis Waitley, 10 Qualities of a total winner, Audiobook. Clearance $1.50.

Frame NL2520

Anodic Black Metal Frame

55/8" x 8-1/2" Anodic Black Metal frame with glass. Was $70.    Clearance $5.99.

Portraits of Children

Award Winning Portaits of Children

"Award Winning Portraits of Children", book. Clearance $1.50.

Book-Get What You Want

Book Get What You Want

Patricia Fripp is a fantastic conference speaker and author. Hair Dresser turned business consultant/public speaker par excellance.        Clearance $2.50.

 Front Porch Tales

Audiobook Front Porch Tales

"Front Porch Tales" by Philip Gulley, Audiobook. Asking $10

men are from mars women are from Venus

Audiobook Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

"Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus" by John Gray, Audiobook. Asking $3.50

No More Excuses

Audiobook No More Excuses

"No More Excuses" by Tony Evans,  Audiobook. Asking $5.50

 Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life & Get Rid of Clutter

"Organize Your Life & Get Rid of Clutter "Ab Jackson, Audiobook. $1.50.

 Under Fire

Under Fire

"Under Fire" An American Story by Oliver North, Audiobook.      Clearance $1.50.

 When You Look Like Your Passport

When You Look Like Your Passport

"When You Look Like Your Passport" by Erma Bombeck, Audiobook. $1.50.

 Get Clients Now

Get Clients Now

"Get Clients Now" by CJ Hayden, book. Clearance $1.50.

 History of Art

History of Art

"History of Art" by H.W. Janson, hardcover book. Clearance $1.50.

 Image by Design

Image By Design

"Image By Design" From Corporate Vision to Business Reality by Clive Chajet, hardcover book. Clearance $1.50

 Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

"Market Segmentation" by Art Weinstein, book. Clearance $1.50.

Outrageous Advertising

Outrageous Advertising

"Outrageous Advertising" by Bill Blazer, book. Clearance $1.50.

 How To Wow

How To Wow Photoshop

"How to Wow Photoshop for Photography" by Ben Willmore softcover & CD. Clearance $1.50.

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching

"Photoshop Restoration & Retouching " by Katrin Eismann, softcover. Clearance $1.50.

PPA Loan Collection Vol-01

PPA Loan Collection v1

"PPA Loan Collection" Voume-01, hardcover. Clearance $5.

 Book PPA Loan Collection Vol-3

PPA Loan Collection v3

"PPA Loan Collection" Vol-3, hardcover. Clearance $5.

PPA Loan Collection V-4

PPA Loan Collection v4

"PPA Loan Collection" Vol-4, hardcover. Clearance $5.

PPA Loan Collection V-7

PPA Loan Collection v7

"PPA Loan Collection" Vol-07, hardcover. Clearance $5.

PPA Loan Collection v8

PPA Loan Collection v8

"PPA Loan Collection" Vol-08, hardcover. Clearance $5.

 PPA Loan Collection v10

PPA Loan Collection v10

"PPA Loan Collection" Vol-10, hardcover. Clearance $5.


PPA Showcase v1

"PPA Showcase" Vol-01, hardcover. Clearance $5.

 PPA Showcase v7

PPA Showcase v7

"PPA Showcase" Vol-07, hardcover. Clearance $5.

  PPA Showcase v8

PPA Showcase v8

"PPA Showcase" Vol-08, hardcover. Clearance $5.

Rapid Debt Reduction Strategies

Rapid Debt Reduction Strategies

"Rapid Debt Reduction Strategies" by  John Avanzini, hardcover.      Clearance $1.50.

The Framer's Answer Book

The Framer's Answer Book

"The Framer's Answer Book" by Frederick, Paul, hardcover.   Clearance $1.50.

The One Minute Sales Person

Lorem ipsum

"The One Minute Sales Person" by  Spencer Johnson, softcover.   Clearance $1.50.

The Right Frame

The Right Frame

"The Right Frame, hardcover. Clearance $1.50.

The Story Of Art

The Story Of Art

"The Story Of Art" by E.H. Gombrich, softcover. Clearance $1.50.

 Jeffrey Gittomer Books

Jeffrey Gittomer Books

Set of 3-Books By Jeffrey Gittomer, hardcover: Little Green Book of Getting Your Way; Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching; The Little Red Book of Selling. Clearance $5.

Books by Zig Zigler

Zig Zigler Books

Set of 3 books by Zig Zigler, hardcover: Over the Top; Zigler on Selling; Selling 101. Clearance $5.

Cord Heavy Duty Sync

Heavy Duty Sync Cord

Heavy Duty Paramount SyncCord. Clearance $5.

Cord Household to PC Long Tip

Cord Household to PC Long Tip

Household to PC Long Tip Paramount PC Cord. Clearance $5.

 Camera Stand



 DVD Best-4

DVD Set-4 Best of Photoshop User

4-DVD Set Best of Photoshop User 5, 4, 10 and 12. Clearance $8.


Simone-The Portrait Facets of an Art

The Simone's from Canada are hands down some of the world's top photographic artists. Tremendous learning rescource. Clearance $3.

 Wein Hot Shoe

Wein Hot Shoe

Wein Hot Shoe, fits most camera shoes. was $70, Clearance $5.

 Storage Unit



 6013 20x24

Frame 20" x 24"

20" x 24"Walnut spandrel oval frame with acents, $122.85 Clearance $32.

 Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly-Photo Ed

3-VHS Set of Tim Kelly Professional Photography instruction. Essential learning for any pro photographer. Clearance $5 for the set.

 Photo Vision 4-123

Photo Vision Volume 4

Volume 4, Issues 1, 2 and 3. More essential learning for the pro photogrpaher. Markting, Blending, Success, Workflow, Holiday open house, Netowkring w/doctors, Digital seniors, Gift Certificates, Family fund raiser & Watercolor greeting cards Clearance $3.

300-06 Classic Cilver Frame

Frame 20" x 24"

4" x 20" x 24" Classic Silver Frame, new. was $207, Clearance $45.


Frame 24" x 30"

2 3/4" x 24" x30" Walnut Frame with Accents and Black Velvet Liner with gold lip. Was $212, Clearance $39.

 Danville Mill Puzzle

Puzzle Jaeger Mill

551 pice puzzle in metal tin, historic Jaeger mill at Danville, Wisconsin. 18" x 24". Regularly $45,              Clearance $10.

 #249 Ash Frame

Frame 8-1/4" x 10-3/4"

3/4" x 8 1/4" x 10 3/4" Ash frame with Black line and glass, was $17.95, Clearance $3.

 Image Care

The Permanence & Care of Color Photographs

Decades of research about the care and permance of tradional and digital color prints, color negatives, slides and motin pictures by Henry Wilhelm with contributing author Carol Brower. Clearance $7.

 Photo Vision v3

Photo Vision Volume-3

6-Premiere VHS training tapes: This is a fantastic education w/o leaving the comfort of your home or studio. Larry Peters-HS Seniors, Smith-workflow, Walden-B&W, Gary Fong-Wedding Reception & selling; Englcebert-Clients for a lifetime, and more. Clearance $5.

 5x7 maple frame

Frame 5" x 7"

5/8" x 5" x7" Maple or Ash Frame, $10. Clearance $1.49.


Black Lab Bank

Ceramic Black Lab new Bank, was$20, Clearance $5.

 571152 Frame

Frame 24"x30" / 16"x20"

2-3/8" x o.d. 24" x 30", i.d. 16" x 20" Ivory frame with Ivory Mat and Ivory Fillet, was $567, Clearance $56.

 99403 Frame

Frame  28"x32" /20"x24"

3-3/8" Elegant Gold Frame o.d. 28" x 32", i.d. 20" x 24" Gold with dougle mats & fillets, was $885,      Clearance $98.


Antisdel's Electronic Imaging Solutions

"Imagine" Electronic Imaging Solutions Traing DVD by Antisdel's.       Clearance $3.

 Photo Vision 24+

Photo Vision DVD's

Photo Eduction of the highest order: Over two-dozen Photogarphic Education al DVD's. If you want to advance as a professional photographer, here is an incredible opportunity. You can learn from the comfort of your home or studio. Clearance $20.

Mug Spirit

Mug 11 oz.

11 ounce porcelin myg Spirit" designd by Suzanne Walcott. New, one of a kind, new, symbolic of the Hooly Spirit. Regularly $18, Clearance $7.

Mug Travel

Mug 14 oz.

14 ounce Stainles Travel mug with lid, one of a kind, new, of the Jaeger Mill at Danville, Wisconsin. Regularly $28, Claerance $10.


Frame 8 1/2" x 11"

1-1/4" x 8-1/2" x 11" Mahogany frame with glass regularly $34.62, Clearance $4.

Frame 17" x 32"

2" x 17" x 32" Silver Plein Air Cap Frame, regularly $219.50, Clearance $36.99.


Black Lab Bank

Ceramic Black lab bank was $20. Clearance $5.

 Art Sleeves

2-Art Print Sleeves

Art print protction sleeves, each holds 2-pieces of art one on each side. Clearance $5.


Puzzles 8x10

3-8" x 10" custom 30-piece puzzles. All one of a kind, original art by John & Suzanne Walcott.                   Clearance $6.

 Photo Vision Vol-1

Photo Vision Vol-1

Photo Vision VHS-Photo Education VHS tapes. Issues 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12. Chenore - Seasonal Promotions; 35mm Fisher - Wedding Photojournalism;  Gary Silber - Classic, Timeless Portraiture and much, much more. Clerance $5.

 EV107 Frame

Black Frame 20" x 24"

New Black Frame 1-1/2" x 20" x24", Retail $126.76,                     Clearance $36.95.

 VHS Franklin

Professor Franklin

Step by Step Professor Franklin & Media Browser VHS Tape 3.    Clearance $1.

 EV3111-118 Frame

Walnut, Gold & Black Frame 30" x 40"

New Walnut, Black 7 Gold Frame 1-1/2" x 30" x 40", Retail 92.58, Clearance $33.99.


Senior Photographers Internaional Comp.

2-VHS set of Senior Photographers International (SPI) 2000 Video Competition. Perfect for anyone who photographs senior and want to improve.                     Clearance $2.

Art Fanfare

Art Fanfare 20" x 24"

Art Fanfare is a one of a kind original art piece by Suzanne & John Walcott. The piece was created by Suzanne from a pipe organ photo by John.  Retail $216, Clearance $35.

Art Mexican Bowls

Mexican Bowls 16" x 20"

This one of a kind art piece was created by Merton Walcott. Retail $166, Clearance $20.

Monterrey Door

Monterrey Door 16" x 20"

This one of a kind art piece was created by Merton Walcott. Retail $166, Clearance $20.

 Photo Vision Vol2

Photo Vision Vol. 2

Essential photography education for the pro. Planning Sessions & Studio Design, Children by Window Light, Outdoor lighting, A New York Wedding Reception, Hand Coloring, Working w/Natural LIght, Gary Silber ~ Classic Family Portraits and mugh, much more. Clearance $7


 Frame 30x30

Frame 30" x 30"

3-1/8" x 30" x30" Two-tone walnut frame, was $239.95,             Clearance $39.99.

Bicycle Blue

Bicycle Blue

Blue Kids Bicycle $12.

Bicycle Pink

Bicycle Pink

Pink Youth Bicycle $15.

Bicycle Purple

Bicycle Purple

Purple child''s Bicycle w/training wheels, $12.

Frame EV352

Frame Antique Silver

2" x 24" x 30" Antique Silver Frame, was $366.59,

Clearance $62.


Artwork, Original

Oringinal, one of a kind artwork, take your pick:

Clearance 16x20-$20

Clearance 20x24-$35.

Nature DVD

Nature's Window

Nature's Window DVD by Jack Roper, Freelance Photographer. Ideal for the lover of wildlife photography and nature. Clearance $3.

 Seaside Watercolor

Seaside Watercolor

16" x 20" framed watercolor "Seaside".

Clearance $29.


More Coming Soon.

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